Find a job that you love, and you won’t work a day in your life!

Firstly I will boast that I love my massage career. There are many great benefits of doing the work you love and are passionate about. It does’t mean it will always be easy, however it will feel worthy.

It took me awhile to find my dream career, up to late twenties. I wish somebody told me or I find it sooner, but of well later better than never!

I must say I love my work. And I experience all of these benefits below. And wanted to share these reasons, maybe you experience them too, or maybe you want to. Maybe you in search of your dream job, maybe a career change, is it worth it? To keep up the faith to find it and have it? Yes!

So here is the benefits, as recognized across the world, of having a job you love:

You can serve others better. “Your passion translates into being the best in your field. In the service and selling industry the combination of passion and ambition results in superior customer service. That’s when you know you can be a game changer.” – Steve Gefter, managing director, IDDS Group – See more at:

Your mental health improves. “It is important to do something we love for a living because our work lives will then provide meaning and purpose. Which are associated with psychological well-being and health.” – Angelo Kinicki, organizational culture expert and professor, W. P. Carey School of Business (Arizona State University) – See more at:

You want to keep learning and improving. “If you are passionate about your job, you are likely to take an active interest in learning every aspect of the business. This not only sets you on the path toward success, it also helps you get through the daily grind.” – Patrice Rice, CEO and founder, Patrice & Associates – See more at:

You feel more fulfilled. “It’s becoming increasingly important to love your job or industry. As the lines between working life and personal life blur, a job is as much about personal fulfillment and growth, as it is about a paycheck. People don’t want to make widgets, they want to change lives, including their own.” – Philip Ryan, director of E-Edge, Vivaldi Partners Group – See more at:


You are more productive. “Studies have shown that employees who are engaged in their work have a higher productivity rate. Especially since employers are asking more of their employees than before, it helps to love what you do so that you can meet the challenges of the job.” – Cheryl Palmer, career coach and professional résumé writer – See more at:

You feel more motivated. “A job that you love … gives you extra motivation to meet your goals, and when you do, the sense of accomplishment is outstanding. As I see the Internet of Things continue to grow and gain acceptance across the world. And it’s that much more meaningful because I’m passionate about [technology] and my company has helped drive the momentum.”– Masanari Arai, CEO, Kii – See more at:

Your work doesn’t feel like a chore. “It’s important to enjoy what you do. When you love your job, it doesn’t feel like work. And it makes it easier to get through the trials and tribulations of business ownership. – Michael Phillips, CEO of Coconut’s Fish Cafe – See more at:

Your family and peers look up to you. “As a mom who works, it is so important to me to be a role model for my young daughters. However there might be busy weeks that require more time at the office, my girls know that I love my job, that it’s meaningful to me, and that I am proud of the work. It is my hope that as my girls grow up, they are inspired to find a careers that fulfill them and they are passionate about.”– Keli Coughlin, executive director, The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund – See more at:


-Licensed Massage Therapist in Burlington, VT