Basic Massage Class for Home Users

two people having a massage at the same time: basic massage class for home users As we all know, a massage can do a great deal of good for our health and well-being. Unfortunately, we are often too busy to schedule one. Or, most massage clinics are fully booked to accommodate our massage requests on the same day. Would a private massage class be a better option? Best to have it with your partner. Why not?
In a massage class, you two can learn massage techniques that can help you share the nurturing, relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage with your family. You will also learn how to perform massage arts with more knowledge and understanding. Our fully licensed and certified massage therapist will also give you some tips on how to provide a better massage without straining yourself. Then, there’s no need to rush and book for a late-minute massage next time.


Disclaimer: This massage class does not certify or recommend working with anyone outside your family or close friends. Please pursue professional education and licensing for Professional Massage Therapy Practice Offerings.

Just a note of advice, leave deep tissue and other complicated massage techniques for professionals, or at least until you build some experience and certification. This massage class is basic and you might hurt someone unintentionally by going too hard too soon. It is much better to book a regular massage to enjoy the health benefits of massage fully.

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