ashiatsu massage

Ashiatsu Massage

BMT is offering Ashiatsu! But what it is?

Ashiatsu and Shiatsu: The Deepest And Most Luxurious Massage In The World

I am looking forward for this new experience and a new style to introduce to my advanced Deep Tissue Technique Repertoire.

What is Ashiatsu and Shiatsu Massage?

They sound so much alike that it’s easy to confuse Shiatsu and Ashiatsu Japanese massage techniques. They both include the same root word “atsu” which means pressure. Shiatsu words brakes down as shi (finger) and atsu (pressure). Ashiatsu means ashi (foot) and atsu (pressure).

Finger-Pressure Massage Techniques

Shiatsu (finger-pressure) massage is based on Chinese medicine to move the body’s chi. Chi, also in other words ki or qi and refers to your body’s life force or energy. By providing finger-pressure to certain points along the meridians of the body. Your massage therapist can stimulate those pressure points to free blockages which cause pain, fatigue and other symptoms.

Foot-Pressure Massage Techniques

You’ve probably seen ashiatsu in movies and not realized there was a name for walking on someone’s back. In offices where therapists perform ashiatsu, you can see bars attached to the ceiling for the massage therapist to balance himself or herself while alternating his or the weight to provide deep tissue massage with bare feet.

Noteworthy- most ashiatsu massages (also referred to as barefoot massage) are done using a massage oil to help the massage therapists feet stroke the back and body.

The Benefits of Shiatsu and Ashiatsu Massages

Shiatsu massage can help restore energy and vitality. Hence much like acupuncture opens your chi, shiatsu does the same, allowing energy to flow freely through the body. Many therapists know it helps with many physical ailments and to help treat and prevent depression. Because of the firm pressure on certain points throughout the body, it stimulates circulation. Thus many people who suffer from PMS, nausea, digestive issues, joint and back pain and migraines have found that shiatsu relieves the pain and promotes healing.

Consequently ashiatsu massage is popular amongst people with back pain. The technique can help decompress the spine and free up nerves that travel through the intervertebral foramen, which can relieve back spasms and pinched nerves. So this type of massage is also good for improving posture and elongating the spine. People with poor posture may benefit from “barefoot massage”.

Information for Pregnant Clients
Especially relevant to mention that pregnant women may enjoy the benefits of shiatsu massage. It can help relieve symptoms such as nausea, swollen legs and ankles and back and shoulder tension. It’s important to always inform the massage therapist if you are pregnant so that they avoid some pressure points that may be uncomfortable. Therefore, I would not recommend Ashiatsu massage for pregnant women because of the weight and pressure that is placed on the body and spine.

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