Dairy, Sugar, Fried Foods, Hormones and Probiotics, Yeast in foods, Inflammation, does it affect your skin?

Let’s explore this question. It used to be thought that it is unrelated, however that is not entirely the case.

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Today I wanted to chat about things that can better your skin besides skin care facials, chemical peels, Hydrafacials, which is something that we do in our office. We always look at the holistic picture what’s causing it. The same with massage therapy- what’s causing you to have the pain, is it not exercising or exercising too much. That way we can help people when they leave our treatment facility, to better their life.

The same with skin care, for example, when you come to us we can extract the pimples, but if you going to go home and eat dairy and you’re sensitive to it and you get that break out all over again you know you only getting so much benefit. Of course the treatments still going to help you for anti aging and wrinkles, that’s where we can really help you with chemical peels. But also if you are doing chemical peels and then you go outside and you are not diligent, you don’t wear sunscreen daily, that’s going to be a problem too and then if you don’t wash your face properly and your skin is super dry if you re using regular soap on your face… You know there’s something you can do and have to do as well to better your skin.

Of course so in terms of skin health from the inside, for example a lot of people don’t know this, but dairy products contain  hormones like IGF1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) which is meant for little cows that mother cow also has, well it’s when we have babies so than when you consume it, it can mess with our hormones and so we have the growth factor. Then we have also balance of estrogen and testosterone, that can be messed up with dairy so that’s why a lot of people are sensitive to it and they react on their skin or digestion.

It’s really the overall health, it can reflect on your skin, to reduce digestive issues  use fermented dairy if you really like dairy, you are getting probiotics benefit at least, but you can get probiotics from other sources as well even like fermented turmeric or ginger. However you would want to be careful with fermented things like alcoholic fermented drinks because certain bacteria might not work well with your gut or for me it’s kombucha, if I drink more than one serving of Kombucha I’ll get cystic acne. The same with milk, I can have a little bit of pizza. If I’ll eat more than one or two slices and the rest of the week so it’s not worth it to me so you know even when people go to dermatologists they’re not always sold that there’s something you’re eating or doing that to be impacting your skin. As well if you exercise and reducing stress, insulin levels, like not eating high glycemic foods that a sugary foods that spike your blood sugar that messes with a hormones the same as cortisol stress hormone, messes with our blood sugar and can mess with our skin and cause acne. So there’s Dairy, high glycemic foods- sugar foods with no fiber, so if you like carbs you can still eat them of course not saying people should not have carbs, but try adding little bit fat to if it is something on a higher glycemic scale to slow down that sugar absorption, chocolate is cocoa beans, they are good they have antioxidants but when it’s with sugar of course it’s going to cause oxidative stress (aging), environmental things like that, pollution even things in non-organic foods can cause oxidative stress.

So if you can I would choose organic every time you can, because there was a study done: not organic strawberries juices were still able to prevent bugs from eating strawberries when they water with that juice was on other generation of strawberries, so there is a lot things like that we dot always think about.

Ad well too much make up on top of your skin is not good, it can be breaking out your skin, tinted sunscreen that’s fine usually, but you know those heavy foundations, use them only once in a while.

The best thing is to find the root cause why you need that cover up like maybe you need chemical peels to get the pigmentation from your skin, and better your diet, try elimination diet perhaps, to see what could cause issues for you there are people that doesn’t have issues with any of the foods. Bettering the diet is going to help, eating more fruits and vegetables, lean chicken, fish, very good omega-3 omega-6 the balance, make sure to get wild fish too because farm raised fish has too many certain omegas or try taking fish oil supplements, minerals, because our earth is depleted of minerals for growing plants. Also taking mineral supplements electrolytes, that kind of stuff is important. And I must add sleep is going to be very important for just reducing inflammation because all issues usually come from inflammation. So all these things and think that’s worth to trial all these things and then you can try to put yourself on some sort of medication if that doesn’t help. I hope this helps, I tried to cover the basics. If you have any questions or to share your experience with us, comment on this post down below, if you would like a treatment you can find us at www.jolitarilliant.com

Hydrafacials also help to clear out light to moderate acne if diet is not the deciding factor:

<…>This first clinical study of HydraFacial Clarifying Treatment demonstrated the therapy was well tolerated and resulted in a significant improvement in acne severity per both investigator and patient assessment following six treatments over 12 weeks. Importantly, 100 percent of patients agreed or strongly agreed that their skin looked and felt cleaner and that they felt more confident in their appearance. This data demonstrates that HydraFacial treatment is an effective and well tolerated therapy option for patients suffering from acne vulgaris.<…>

Find Study Here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9762628/