White Charcoal™ Teeth Whitening Powder





Our new WHITE CHARCOAL™ teeth whitening powder safely and effectively cleans and whitens teeth without all the mess of activated charcoal. And, it doesn’t leave goops of toothpaste stuck to the side of your sink! Our tooth brushing powder is loaded with enamel-supporting minerals for a smile that’s not just bright, but also strong and healthy!

WHITE CHARCOAL™ teeth white whitening powder contains xylitol, an ingredient known to help prevent dental caries² and help reduce the formation of plaque³. Xylitol is also considered to be beneficial to gum health because of its potent anti-inflammatory¹ properties!

WHITE CHARCOAL™ is our brand. There is no charcoal in the product.


Additional information

Weight 1.05 oz


Beaming White

Luis Lajous conceived the idea for creating the teeth whitening company, Beaming White, in 2007 while helping someone start a cosmetic tooth whitening kiosk. He was shocked at how expensive the professional teeth whitening lights and bleaching kits were. In addition, he also found that the few teeth whitening companies selling to non-dentists had no expertise. For example, they didn’t know anything about the science of teeth whitening or the engineering behind the bleaching lights. Consequently, the customer service he received from the teeth whitening companies was poor. He felt sorry for anyone having to deal with them because they wouldn’t answer questions truthfully and they only seemed interested in getting your money. Because of his background in engineering and business, Luis recognized a real need for a better solution. It was a chance to provide better quality, lower-priced teeth whitening products to entrepreneurs and beauty professionals that wanted to participate in the booming teeth whitening industry. Beaming White is now known worldwide as a leading teeth whitening company because of our very effective whitening products and fantastic customer service.


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