What is Ashiatsu Massage?

No, that isn’t a typo. Ashiatsu massage is a deep tissue style massage technique that, translated, means ‘Foot Pressure.’

massage using foot was performed to a client: text: What is Ashiatsu Massage? Ashiatsu is carried out by a massage therapist using their feet. You’ll feel a deep, consistent pressure because the therapist uses their body weight and special foot massage techniques during the massage session. Using feet instead of the upper body to massage means that the therapist can give you a deeper massage without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Unlike some barefoot massage, Ashiatsu takes on a massage table.

You’ll have massage oil or cream applied to your body during a massage to make the movements smoother. The therapist also usually uses parallel bars over the massage table to support and help with balance.

What Are the Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage?

There’s no denying that a really good, deep tissue massage will do you good, but not everybody enjoys being ‘dug into’ my elbows and thumbs. With Ashiatsu, therapists get to massage you with a much deeper pressure than with your usual hands-on treatments. This is because the surface of the feet is much broader than the elbows and thumbs. It also results in a much more consistent pressure which is great for stress relief and muscle tension.

The techniques and movements used in an Ashiatsu session can help to ease muscle spasms. It releases trapped nerves and increases blood circulation to the area being treated. Some of the Ashiatsu strokes are also helpful in stretching the spine. The massage therapist uses movements that will help stretch out shortened muscles. This massage is great if you’re suffering from unspecified back pain. The long fluid strokes used in Ashiatsu are similar to the deeper strokes of a Swedish massage.  These strokes can help to get your lymphatic system moving if it’s a bit sluggish. You should definitely drink lots of water after this type of treatment as it gets things moving in the waste removal department…

Ashiatsu for Posture

Ashiatsu massage can also be really beneficial for your posture. So if you’re sat hunched over a desk all day, it may help you feel better, getting everything into better alignment. Along with posture, it can also help to improve your overall range of movement and combined. These two benefits can work wonders on chronic muscle pain.

Is It for Everyone?

Like all massage, some conditions make Ashiatsu massage unsuitable. Always ask your therapist if you’re unsure and tell them of any health concerns you have. If any of the below apply to you, you may want to try another form of massage. The intensity of Ashiatsu might not make it the best option for you.

  • When you’re pregnant
  • If you have high blood pressure
  • Been into recent injuries or surgeries
  • If your immune system is compromised or you suffer an auto-immune disorder.
  • If you have any contagious skin disorders
  • Taking certain medications? (ask your therapist)
  • If you suffer from any liver or kidney disorders
  • If you have diabetes.

Wants to experience a deep tissue massage using the therapist barefoot? Give us a call or book online to schedule a session with our certified massage therapist, Jolita, and enjoy the benefits of an Ashiatsu massage.

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