Ways to Fit Regular Massage or Facial into Your Budget

monthly budget plan with calculator and colored marking pen: text: ways to fit regular massage into your budget We all have to take care of our budgets these days. And it seems like a never-ending list of things is getting in the way of you and your massage treatments. We could find ways to fit regular massages into your budget.

Many of us, women especially, spend so much time worrying about and caring for everyone else. But do you remember when you actively decide to put your own well-being first? If you feel guilty about spending money on expensive treatments and massage therapy, maybe it’s time to prioritize yourself.

Making time for a massage isn’t a luxury. Keeping yourself in tip-top mental, physical, and emotional health is essential. That hour of blissful you-time helps to replenish your energy stocks and gives you an extra boost that doesn’t just make you feel good. It also enables you to be more present for those who need you. It is necessary, so better find ways to fit massage into your budget.

All is very well, but what if you struggle to find the cash? Here are a few ideas to get that extra cash together and give yourself some TLC.



Shop around and do your research

Look further if you live in a small town or village with only one massage center or clinic. It’s a good idea to look further afield and see any deals at city massage centers. If many people offer massage services in one area, you could find that some of them will lower their rates because they need to stay competitive. You’re also more likely to find massage therapists who give lower rates that fit your budget to attract lower-income clients in bigger towns and cities.

Use prepaid Packages and Membership options.

Loyalty cards and memberships are a big thing right now. So, before you book, check out a massage center website and see what they have on offer for regular clients. Do they offer a discount for members or a buy two, get one free deal?

Like for like?

If you have other skills you can share and know a massage therapist, why not offer swap services? You could even offer to mind their kids, give them a lift or do a bit of DIY in their home to exchange a massage session. Win-win!

Ask for gift cards

Your birthday is coming, or Christmas is just around the corner. Some massage clinics offer gift certificates for their service or treatment. Tell your friends and family that you’d prefer one for a massage treatment instead of things you don’t need. Or for friends to club together and buy you a session rather than just another bottle of wine or box of candy?

Go for smaller sessions.

You don’t necessarily need the full hour to get the benefit of a massage. You could perhaps have a back, neck, and shoulder massage taking 20 minutes or so, or a shorter Indian Head Massage treatment?

Get them into the workplace.

Many massage centers are looking at ways to get extra clients. Employers like to offer perks to keep staff happy, so why not suggest that your office approaches a local massage business and asks them if they would like to provide on-site chair massages?

Schedule a massage at a bodywork school.

Students need to practice, and here’s where you could get a great deal on a massage that will fit your budget. If you’re happy to let a supervised student practice their art on you, you could get a fantastic deal on the treatment and a great massage…

Re-evaluate your bills

If you still can’t stretch to it, find extra money by going through your bills and seeing where you can make a saving. Do you need the extra channels on your cable package?

Give up your latte

It’s a cliché, but how much do you spend on Starbucks weekly? Work it out and resolve to give the coffee shop a miss until you have enough saved for the massage you’re craving. Massage is way better for you than caffeine.

We offer online gift cards, different packages and memberships, on-site chair massages, and more. Would you please book an appointment over the phone or on our website and choose a massage session that will surely fit into your budget?


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