Couples Massage and Treatments

A couples massage allows partners to experience massage together in the same area as two therapists work separately on each person. We can turn this into a romantic event that can leave your loved one starry-eyed, the treatment is set in a relaxing room large enough for two.

We offer treatments à deux you can share a pampering experience with a significant other, but a couples massage isn’t just for romantics—mother-daughter duos, sisters, father and son for let’s say and not limited to deep tissue or sports massage and best friends may also enjoy side-by-side services. For couples, this form of massage can offer a double dose of benefits. While gratitude, compromising and cuddling are great for couples, there’s another habit that could improve your relationship, Couples Massage.The tandem treatment invites couples to get a bit closer and reconnect, and it can enhance intimacy and teach each partner how to take care of the other.

Generally speaking, massage reduces stress and cortisol levels plus reduces back pain. Dr. Oz even mentions it’s no longer a luxury but a necessity. In that same vein, couples massage adds the value of a shared experience for couples who may not spend enough quality time together.

Disconnect. Leave the cellphones sounds OFF. Leave work, bills and other life stressors at the door. This is an opportunity to reconnect with each other.  During the massage, mutual presence, mental and physical, can establish connectivity.

Plus, we allow lovebirds to get in sync by offering sessions that teach massage techniques. Pampering and rejuvenating add-ons like Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, CBD, Paraffin Wax, Cupping and more, various style massages, and other treatments in a half day can make up a whole spa package for couples.

Know Before You Go

Before you and your partner book your appointment, you might want to brush up on your spa etiquette. For many, a couples massage may be your significant other’s first visit to the spa. And while a trip to the spa should be a relaxing experience, if it’s your first massage- going encounter, it can be anything but if you don’t know what to expect. Do not be afraid to tell that to the therapist when you get there. Attending therapists will be more than happy to guide you through the process how to get onto massage table, the dress code and anything else you would like to know. To calm those nerves, note the following spa protocol tips: For many, nudity may very well be the most nerve-wracking aspect of spa-going. Bear in mind, though, that maintaining guest modesty is a key priority for most therapists in the U.S.

If you are uncomfortable during your treatment, if you need table heater adjusted, pressure adjustment, face cradle doesn’t feel right, speak up. Our intention is always for you to have the best experience, so we would rather have you ask us for accommodations than leave you unhappy about your experience!

We make every effort to accommodate guest wishes in any regard, but it’s recommended to make advance reservations, particularly during peak hours. Speak up (if you wish). Couples can feel free to converse during their massage, or stay silent. It’s entirely your preference. For more on Couples Massage contact us.

For Couples Massages: One after the other appointments can be booked online. If you are interested in side by side couples massages please contact us directly at 802-825-4116.

Jolita at Brilliant Massage Therapy,

Burlington, VT