Basic Skincare for Teens

teenage girl having a s basic skincare for teenselfie: text: The teenage years are hard enough as it is. They have to contend with growing up and all the changes that go with it—primarily exams and stress from school.  The stresses of teenage years, combined with hormonal upheavals, can lead to blemishes and breakouts, which doesn’t help with other issues that affect teens – or their confidence levels.  Spots, blemishes, and congested skin can really lower confidence and add to the stresses teens have to handle. This basic skin care for teens is all they need to gain back their confidence and achieved the stress-free skin they’ve wanted.

So, what can kids do to make the most of their skin at this awkward age?

Get her checked by a skincare expert.

To avoid making things worse, get your teen checked out by a skincare expert, dermatologist, or doctor. That is if you think they could be suffering from acne or serious skin problems. If not, and no medical treatment is needed, you need to work with them and stress the importance of getting skin back into balance and keeping it there with as little effort as possible. We all know that most teens, younger ones especially, won’t commit to a complicated skincare regime. Just keep it basic.

If your child is dealing with a breakout, try over-the-counter acne treatments containing benzoyl peroxide. Or a professional facial skincare treatment knows perfectly how to get things started. Call us or book for our licensed esthetician, who can then recommend a skincare regime that will suit your teen’s skin perfectly. Also, she can properly explain how to manage breakouts too. According to some skincare experts, if you can afford it, it can help buy two or three different products and rotate them regularly for the best effects. This counteracts the problem that some people have when a product that seems to be responding well stops working.

Drink water

Good skin starts from the inside, so try to get them into the habit of replacing soda with water, at least some of the time. Basic skincare for teens and not so teens anymore.

Clean! Clean! And Clean!

Please keep it clean! Please encourage them to wash daily with a light, sulfate-free cleanser that’s suits teenage, blemish, or acne-prone skin. There are plenty of face washes for teens that are quick and easy to use and need to be massaged onto damp skin. Get your teen into regular skin cleansing from an early age. For girls, you can also encourage a less is more approach to make-up. Despite the YouTube tutorials saying otherwise, nobody needs a full face of makeup in their teens, except for the occasional special event.

Skincare for Oily skin problems

If their problem seems to be overall oily skin, with no, or just a few breakouts, you might want to try topical products designed to mop up the oil. Some lotions contain alcohol that dries out the excess oil, although these can be harsh on younger skin. Oil inhibitor products also help but ask advice from your esthetician so that your teen’s skincare doesn’t do more harm than good with overly drying products.

Serious outbreaks

For serious outbreaks that are ruining your teen’s confidence, try to consider a course of laser or LED light treatments. Blue LED light helps treat acne-prone skin effectively. Blue LED light kills the bacteria that lead to acne breakouts. It’s non-invasive, pain-free, and can really work.

Skincare for teens could be stressful for some, especially for those with sensitive skin. But with proper guidance and serious care, glowing and stress-free skin is just a hand away.

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