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Table- Thai and Ashi-Thai at Brilliant Massage Therapy

Table- Thai and Ashi-Thai at Brilliant Massage Therapy

As some of my readers might already know I love learning about what my clients need. I can create a unique and custom experience to my every client by incorporating various styles into my massage practice.


In addition to attending an Ashiatsu and Advanced Deep tissue class, I have also studied Table Thai massage through online learning. I wanted to share with all of you of what it is. Often people do not have enough of time in their busy day to day lives to do stretching. That’s why incorporating stretching into a massage therapy is wonderful. Table Thai is stretches are taken from oriental Thai mat massage. Thai massage involves compressions but as well a lot of stretching movements.

What is Table Thai Massage

Table-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai stretches that have been modified utilizing the table, hands and also adapted to the overhead bar system using legs. I have been trained to perform Thai massage on the Thai Yoga mat which I do have in my massage office. However not always it is convenient to take massage to the mat as it requires putting clothes on. As well when every minute counts in a massage its a big time waster. With Table-Thai, I can drape you in a way that you wont be exposed and perform most of the moves with incorporation to the Ashiatsu or Deep Tissue, Sports or any Custom Massage.

In western society many of us do not stretch enough. So this flowing and rhythmic approach to Thai massage was developed by other therapists and myself to be able to provide more stretching to the clients.

The Table-Thai stretches are performed on both posterior module & the anterior profile of the body depending on the necessity. Clients usually feel more range of motion, less tension and an overall sense of balance and well-being.

These stretches are fun to perform and can be adjusted in intensity, depending what your range of motion is.

Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai

These are both techniques are applied with warm, sanitized feet so soft and comfortable. You would never know the practitioner is not using their hands.

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