All-Over Care for Your Skin!

girl with braid blonde hair in black string shirt: text: all-over care for your skin Looking after your skin doesn’t stop at your neck or your décolletage. If you want to reap the benefits of good skin, all-over care for your skin will make you look and feel great. And you will be proud to display your arms and legs when the sun comes out!

There is a huge array of delicious skincare products available for body care, from bargain-basement drugstore lotions to gorgeous high-end moisturizing products that will tone your skin, reduce cellulite, and have proven ingredients that leave your body feeling amazing.

Your Body Care Routine

Body care starts in the bath or shower. Most people use a shower gel or bath product daily to get their body squeaky clean, and for most of us, that’s adequate, but as with all skincare, better quality products will give more lasting results. Cheaper shower products can dehydrate your skin, stripping out the moisture and making it itchy and irritated. If your skin is dry, look for a gentle oil-based skin cleanser. Sensitive skin will appreciate a soap-free cleansing product.

At least twice weekly, exfoliate your body, sloughing away the dead skin cells with a good quality exfoliation product. This can be especially helpful if you have dry skin, but be careful to use a suitable product for your skin type so that you don’t dry it out. Getting rid of old skin cells gives you brighter, softer skin all over and isn’t just for your face.

Once you’ve stepped out of the shower, and while your skin is still damp, lock in the moisture with a good quality moisturizing body product that will sink straight in and leave your body skin soft and supple.

Body Therapy

What’s the Difference Between Body Lotion, Cream, and Butter?

Moisturizing body butter is usually heavier and has more emollient properties than lotions or creams. If you have dry skin on your body, butter (or a balm) has a firmer texture and feels luxurious.

Butters tend to contain deeply nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut, or jojoba oil. They work by coating your skin and creating a barrier on its surface, keeping moisture in and the elements out.

Body lotions and creams will be lighter and sink into the skin more easily. Some creams contain oil but in lesser proportions than butter and balms, with higher oil content. Lotions can be just as protective as butter; they work by sealing in the moisture already in your skin. You might prefer to use a lotion or cream all over but concentrate the butter and balms on drier areas like knees or elbows.

Why Go Professional with Your Body Care Products?

It’s tempting to skimp on your body products – even if you spend a lot of money on your facial skincare. After all, you cover your body up a lot of the time. You can pick up adequate skincare products anywhere. Still, mass-market brands aren’t as effective as professional skincare – they are produced in large batches and contain diluted amounts of the active ingredients – there may not even be enough of the active ingredients to affect your skin. Most also contain preservatives to make them last longer. Although they might feel and smell nice, you won’t be getting much effect.

If you opt for professional skincare from your licensed esthetician, you’ll have the benefit of their advice, reducing the chances of buying the wrong body care product or something that might cause a reaction. Your skin’s needs will match the ingredients, and although they will be more expensive, they are likely to go a lot further as you won’t need so much.

Treat your body the same way as you would your face, call us or book for a body scrub session- your skin will thank you for it!


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