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What My Clients Have to Say



I absolutely love Brilliant Massage! Jolita is incredibly professional and friendly and keeps her space very clean and comfortable.  I find her prices to be very reasonable for what you get out of each session with her.  I highly recommend Jolita!

Rose C

Nobody tops Jolita.  I have had several people massage me in my life and nobody even comes close to the job/techniques that Jolita uses.  If you go to most anyone besides Jolita for a massage, your only fooling yourself.  I am a 23 year professional in my field and professionals recognize professionals.  Jolita is a real professional and a fresh face in her field using techniques that other therapists wish they had at there fingertips and toes!
See you soon Jolita for another massage, your the best!

Raymond J


Larissa Gavio Binder

Jolita customized my massage after asking about the areas that bother me most. She used a firm pressure throughout and a variety of methods, including hot stones to start, the Ashiatsu (ceiling bars massage with feet), and some assisted stretching for my lower back. It all left me completely relaxed and looser the next day. I am already looking forward to booking another visit. One advantage Jolita offers that worked great for me is after work hours appt., as late as a 6:30pm start time.

Jolita is amazing! I have been to a number of massage therapists in VT and I highly recommend her.

Kiki Rendall, banker

Awesome Ashiatsu treatment. Very knowledgeable and skilled.

Jolita's knowledge as an LMT is evident after the first few minutes. She has a very easy-going and honest attitude and her prices are competitive. I highly recommend her and may soon schedule a biweekly or monthly appointment with her.

Ed Patterson, IT

Very professional and relaxing experience. I found the website one night and had my appointment the very next day. I went in to address lingering back and shoulder pain, and Jolita went right to work on it. I feel better after my first session, and I will be back soon! Thank you!

Joe, Sales

This was my first massage, and I was blown away! I would recommend Jolita to anyone. Great location and great massage.


The best massage I've ever had! I'd highly recommend Jolita. She saw me on short notice and her shiatsu technique is unbelievable! 👍👍👍

Josh Wallin

I tried Jolita's Ashiatsu massage & was so impressed! The Ashiatsu is a really cool technique that really promotes relaxation. It's especially good for athletes & anyone who may have chronic pain. I enjoyed how the technique elongates and broadens constricted muscles. It's a different sensation that a traditional massage & is overall a great experience. Thank you, Jolita!

Molly Ritva, Copywriter

5 stars of 5

Girish Shankaran, Product Development

Try Jolita's new Ashiatsu massage - you will not regret it

Rodney Lowe, Former Financial Analyst/Retired

I have been getting regular massages for years, as it has been the treatment that has helped my issues the most. My previous MT left town, and I am SO glad I found Jolita. Her massages have all been great, but this last week I experienced my first Ashiatsu massage with her. It was far and away the BEST massage I have had in my life. I view massage as an important part of my therapy and pain management, and Jolita has helped every single issue feel better. She is amazing!

Jim Coates, Musician

"Knees feel terrific, not sure if it's the massage on them or the CBD oil or both but they feed great today!" - Bob Cole

Bob Cole, Life Insurance

Deep tissue work.. was necessary and I am grateful to have Jolita go beyond my expectations with addressing my pains & inquiries - traveling from the Navajo Indian Nation (massage therapists are scarce) - I will plan another appointment upon my return in several months for sure Hozhogo' Jolita - forwards in beauty

carrie house

This was one of the best massages I have ever received! She used a variety of different massage styles and was really good at both addressing my most tense areas as well as covering the whole body. Definitely going back

Shiona Davene Vanara , VPIRG

Jolita is an awesome massage therapist! I utilized her when my regular therapist was unavailable and I was VERY pleased with the results! Very thorough ... I left feeling great!


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