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Jolita Brilliant at 35 King st, #9, Burlington, VT

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What My Clients Have to Say



It was my first time at Brilliant Massage Therapy and I really liked it. I will go back for sure. The place was clean and the music was relaxing. I got a sport massage and it was really good.

CLARA LOPEZ COSTA, Student and Alpine Skiier

A relaxing massage and at the same time worked out the knots in my tense muscles from running.

Luise Kowalewitz , Residential Lender

Everything relaxes you when you go there, from the room to the music to the aroma to the great massage itself. Jolita knows her stuff and is good at what she does. I went because I had pain in my soldier from an old surgery and she made it disappear! Highly recommend her services.

Steve Matteucci, Physicians Revenue Management Inc

I went as a treat to my wife for our 10 year anniversary.  It was very comprehensive, using various styles of massage therapy to ensure maximum release.  She was great!

Steven Hartmann, Insurance

This was an amazing and wonderful experience! I get a lot of massages and this is one of the best I've ever had. A combination of traditional hand massage, hot stones, bamboo sticks and massage using feet. It was fantastic!!!

Linda Stewart

Very attractive, kind and with a very high technical acuity. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who does a better job anywhere.

Greg Unger, Software Developer

Amazing!!! Techniques were used that I had never experienced before! I was able to book a massage with only 15 minutes notice!!! It was perfect, I will be back. The atmosphere was calming and I immediately felt relaxed the moment I walked in. Location was convenient, parking was not an issue. Can't wait to go back! Thank you, Jolita!

Jennifer Brinkman

Jolita has a wide range of styles and great technique. Definitely one of the best massages I've had! I would highly recommend treating yourself to a session with her!

Aram Reeves

Jolita is very knowledgeable about massage and is conveniently located right in Burlington!

Christopher K


I had an awesome experience with Jolita. I am from out of state, get massages regularly elsewhere, this was my first visit, and I rarely feel moved to write a review.
Two things stood out:
- she customized the massage superbly based on the conversation we had at the start of the session. It was like working with someone that I had been seeing for years
- she incorporated a wide range of techniques while maintaining the sense that it was a single flowing experience. Very impressive!

Simon C

I absolutely love Brilliant Massage! Jolita is incredibly professional and friendly and keeps her space very clean and comfortable.  I find her prices to be very reasonable for what you get out of each session with her.  I highly recommend Jolita!

Rose C

Nobody tops Jolita.  I have had several people massage me in my life and nobody even comes close to the job/techniques that Jolita uses.  If you go to most anyone besides Jolita for a massage, your only fooling yourself.  I am a 23 year professional in my field and professionals recognize professionals.  Jolita is a real professional and a fresh face in her field using techniques that other therapists wish they had at there fingertips and toes!
See you soon Jolita for another massage, your the best!

Raymond J


Larissa Gavio Binder

Jolita customized my massage after asking about the areas that bother me most. She used a firm pressure throughout and a variety of methods, including hot stones to start, the Ashiatsu (ceiling bars massage with feet), and some assisted stretching for my lower back. It all left me completely relaxed and looser the next day. I am already looking forward to booking another visit. One advantage Jolita offers that worked great for me is after work hours appt., as late as a 6:30pm start time.

Jolita is amazing! I have been to a number of massage therapists in VT and I highly recommend her.

Kiki Rendall, banker

Awesome Ashiatsu treatment. Very knowledgeable and skilled.

Jolita's knowledge as an LMT is evident after the first few minutes. She has a very easy-going and honest attitude and her prices are competitive. I highly recommend her and may soon schedule a biweekly or monthly appointment with her.

Ed Patterson, IT

Very professional and relaxing experience. I found the website one night and had my appointment the very next day. I went in to address lingering back and shoulder pain, and Jolita went right to work on it. I feel better after my first session, and I will be back soon! Thank you!

Joe, Sales


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